10 Years of Hope Anniversary Appeal

We want to do even more! By raising £100,000, we can train 400 new coaches and improve the lives of 18,000 more vulnerable children in West Africa.



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As Nelson Mandela once said ‘Sport has the power to change the world.’ We share this unshakeable belief in the innate power of football to bring about good. In the UK and communities around the world football is changing lives and making a positive mark. Yet so much of this work goes unrecognised. We think it’s time to celebrate all the good that goes on both on the pitch and behind the scenes, at all levels of game. The type of good that seldom makes the headlines.

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Coaching for Hope

Coaching for Hope is an innovative programme which uses football to create better futures for young people living in some of the most disadvantaged communities around the world. We aim to empower disadvantaged young people in Africa and Asia to create better futures for themselves and their communities. We do this by tapping into the universal passion for football and using it as a tool to engage with and support vulnerable young people.

Where we work


Our methods

We train individuals from the local community to run coaching and games sessions. Coaching for Hope have developed an innovative curriculum which enables life skills lessons to be integrated within these sessions, tackling vital issues such as HIV/AIDS awareness and substance misuse. As relationships are built, the sessions provide a ‘safe space’ for young people to discuss the issues they are facing and our coaches can support them to realise their potential.

HIV/AIDS awareness


In many of the countries where we work, around 25% of the population is HIV+. We have developed coaching modules to help local coaches turn football training into vital HIV/AIDS awareness sessions, empowering young people with the knowledge to protect themselves and others.

Gender equality

In many of the communities where we work, girls are discouraged from participating in sport and don’t have the opportunity to join in. We work with local communities to change attitudes and include girls, so that they too can experience the benefits that sport and education can bring.


Disability in sport


At Coaching for Hope, we believe strongly that everyone should have the same chances and opportunities. We work with local coaches, helping them to adapt their sessions to include people with disabilities.

Youth empowerment

We believe that young people facing challenging life situations should be empowered to unleash their potential. That’s why our young leaders’ programme is helping young people to build better futures for themselves.


Substance Abuse


For many growing up in disadvantaged communities, the risks and dangers of becoming involved in drugs are massive. Coaching for Hope has designed a curriculum which uses football as a tool to give young people key facts about drugs.

Our impact since 2005

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